Lifestyle & Career Mentor, Tracy Pleschourt, helps corporate women find the confidence and courage to transition into a successful business of their own and FINALLY make their family and health a priority.

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Who Is Tracy?

Tracy Pleschourt featured in Minnesota BusinessTracy Pleschourt, a former advertising executive, left corporate America in 2014 to pursue a lifestyle career in fashion. The rigorous, time consuming demands of corporate kept Tracy from living the life she desired and although her career was successful she felt compelled to redirect her efforts into raising a happy, healthy family, pursuing a life of spiritual growth and wellness, and mentoring women across the country who want to do the same.

Tracy dedicates her work and efforts to ambitious women everywhere that are yearning for answers and a better way of approaching the success that they desire. Tracy instills confidence and a call to action in women entrepreneurs who seek personal and financial freedom. Her message is clear: You can have a successful career that supports personal passions and values without compromise.

What is a Lifestyle Career?

Changing the way we work and live, a Lifestyle Career allows you to monetize skill sets and passions. When quality of life and a desire to make an impact becomes a priority, your business and it's success is limitless.

Want to live life on your own terms? Learn the 7 steps Tracy took to leave Corporate America and build a lifestyle business!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you